Here you will find current information on travel warnings and travel advice.

We are committed to trust and responsibility!

More than 10,000 independent travel agencies have joined together under the umbrella of the Quality Travel Alliance QTA to form one of the largest travel agency cooperations in the world. QTA - that represents sustainability - cohesion - future-oriented work - dynamic diversity - flexible and fast - everything in view.

But also for trust and responsibility. For the justified trust that our customers and guests place in us. And great responsibility which we assume towards our customers and guests, but also towards our partners and service providers in destinations around the world.And when would this have been more evident than now, here and now in this unprecedented time of pandemic!

We are committed to you - and we will continue to do so with passion and responsibility!

Stay healthy!

Current information about traveling in times of pandemic can be found here

This informations are valid for persons with German citizenship and residence in the FRG.

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