Organisation and management on business trips worldwide

For many year companies, clubs and associations have been using our experience as tour operator for the organisation and management of their business trips all over the world. Not every company employs a travel manager with the relevant market knowledge.

With know-how, organisational skills and attention to detail we meet the highest demands of our business customers. Of course, companies, clubs and associations benefit from our favourable terms for flight and hotel bookings. In addition to the satisfaction of the travellers, we always bear in mind the cost efficiency.

The following factors can play a role:

  • Shortening the travel duration
  • Optimal transit times
  • Balance cost versus convenience
  • Merging trips
  • Process optimisation before, during and after a business trip

Professional service

Our professional service includes compiling the documents such as travel documents and contact details. On request, we prepare important information about your destination and the local business practices for you. In doing so, we help to prevent avoidable
mishaps during your business trip.