P.T.A. TOURS - Partner of the IVV and IML

Come with us to national and international IVV- and IML-hiking events. Whether the Great Wall of China, the Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia, the Scottish Highlands, the holy Fujiyama or simply along the Rhine Valley - with us you will experience impressive and unforgettable hikes to the sights of the world. We organise hiking trips for large associations, small groups as well as for hiking friends every year. Individual hiking trips to your personal hiking destinations or to the major hiking events held by the DVV and the IVV-Olympics or the IML-events.

We provide you with the perfectly organised journey and show you the country and its people, their history and culture. We have been doing this for many years. Whether alone, with friends or in a club.

Travel to the major hiking events all over the world with us and experience the people and their culture. Wander through unique landscapes and see spectacular sights. Witness the world's cultural heritage.

Our current hikes and events: