Walking across the Alps

From Oberstdorf to Merano - hike across the Alps. Anyone who embarks on this mountain tour will walk through deep ravines and secluded huts, passports and peaks, waterfalls and torrents ...

... experienced Capricorn and Marmot, Enzian and Edelweiss.

"Eight long days of marching from quarter to quarter, in good or in bad weather, whether sands, blisters or exhaustion dull the well-being. None of us have ever done such a long and challenging tour. It is not only the longing for the intoxication of the height, for the silence and nature that drives us, but also the desire to get to know our own physical limit. Our route takes us 140 km from Oberstdorf in the Allgäu to Merano in South Tyrol ... "

Forget a few days of everyday life and get into nature and mountains!

Our recommendation!

The perfect view of unforgettable impressions ....

»» Walking across the Alps - in the frenzy of the heights
(ZDF from 02.08.2016)


Day 01 - Arrival to Oberstdorf

Individual arrival to the early evening in the beautiful Oberstdorf in the Allgäu Alps, located at approx. 800m in rural idyll. At the dinner in the inn, our guide will welcome you with a warm welcome and we will get to know our fellow travelers. Surely during the course of the evening our questions will be answered completely and we will get a first overview of our migration. 1 night / half board

But maybe you are already angered and enjoy the beautiful Allgäu with its sights and natural treasures! Hike up to the summits of the surrounding mountains on a day trip - a fantastic preparation for the cross-country trail!

We are happy to arrange your individual program for you.

Day 02 - Ascent to Kemptner Hut and further into the Lech Valley

After an early breakfast, a short transfer takes us to the Alpengasthof Spielmannsau. From here many of the Alpine crossings start. Our view glides over green meadows and lets the ascent through the wild Sperrbachtobel up to the Kemptener Hut. We reach the Kemptener Hut along the sunlit Tobel.

After a short rest we get on, cross the Mädelejoch and cross the German - Austrian border! A first impressive photo-motif is the border sign in front of mighty mountain peaks. We take a few moments, look back to the Kemptener Hut and the ascent to the ridge, before it goes steadily but safely downhill to the village of Holzgau, our first night quarters. 1 night / half board

By the way - we pass the Holzgauer Hängeseilbrücke, a 200m long and 110m high pedestrian bridge .....!

Day 03 - Plötzigtal / Anhalter Hütte / Steinjöchle / Hahntenjoch / Zams

Today is a good opportunity to check your own condition. Impressive ascents, green flower meadows and sun-flooded mountain slopes lead us through the overwhelming panoramas of the Lechtaler Alps. The Anhalter Hut offers us a good place to stop and spend time with our personal impressions!

Cross the Hahntenjoch we continue downhill to Zams. Many views leave the time like in the flight and so we reach our accommodation in the afternoon. Thankful and with tired bones we enjoy the comfort of our night quarters. 1 night / B

Day 04 - Pitztal - Glanderspitze / Larcher Alm / Wenns

Good Morning! The day starts for us quite comfortably. The Venet mountain railway brings us up to the mountain. Outside, in the sunshine, we are greeted by a spectacular view of the peaks of the surrounding mountain massif.

Here we go! The Glanderspitze (2512m), also known as the Venetian. Today we hike along a wonderful panorama path along the ridge. The path descends easily up to the summit, and is always a stop for us to have the incredible panoramic view of the Alps panorama. Having reached the summit, we do not want to stay here for so long. Inviting places for a rest are some on the descent down to Wenns, and so we reach our lodging in the place in a good mood in the late afternoon. 1 night / half board.

Day0 5 - Pitztalgletscher / Rettenbachferner / Ötztal

After a rich breakfast, we are now heading into the world of glaciers. Up to the Braunschweiger hut, the path leads steadily through a wild rock landscape, up into the region of the Pitztal glacier and the eternal ice. How about a slide party?

The highest point of the long-distance hiking trail is the Pitztaler Jöchl (2996m). Simply spectacular! A safe step is our way over the Rettenbachferner - "Achtung Glatteis" - down into the valley. For us a new experience, hiking over ice certainly does not belong to every day's experiences for everyone. The last and unspectacular part of the way takes us a short transfer to the hotel. 1 night / half board

Day 06 - Timmelsjoch / Passeiertal

The Timmelsjoch - an old border crossing between Austria and Italy. For centuries, the yoke (2474m) forms the only passable junction between rakes and torches and connects the Ötztal with the Passeier.

There are quite a few stories around the old Schmugglertrasse - on the way you pass the memorial to this time - and if you are lucky, you will meet old Hans at the border house, a native from the mountains Small "way toll" is willingly telling stories from the time when men passed the Timmelsjoch in the dark of night to pursue their hidden business ...

We pass the border to South Tyrol / Italy. The descent over sunny meadows, bubbling streams and rugged rock passages is accompanied by wild goats. Unbelievable how cleverly these animals jump on the steepest boulders with sure kick around us! Well ... please do not imitate ...! We reach the enchanting Passeier Valley and our night quarters. Welcome! Let us end this entertaining day with a hearty bread-time and a pasta-brandy ...! 1 night / half board

Day 07 - Pfandler Alm / Hirzer Alm / Meran

Sunrise! It takes a while until the sun warms the whole valley. And so we change to the sunny side of the Passeier Valley and catch the fabulous mood of the half-dark valley. It was only for the sake of the atmosphere that the expectant effort of the last days was worthwhile. An almost magical moment ...

The path winds up in a proper ascent. Sunny meadows alternating with dense forest. After a good walking tour the Pfandler Alm is located in front of us. Friendly huts, delicious meals .... Idleness .. maybe another ¼ hour ... yes !?

So far it is not up to the Hirzer Alm and the mountain railway, which takes us down to Meran, the destination of our hike. And somehow, our steps are also slower, as if you want to delay the end of the tour a little longer .... But anyway, every way has gone and so we drive a little melancholic but happy and proud with the Hirzer Bargbahn down to Meran. 1 night / B

Day 08 - Meran / Transfer / Return home

Meran - how beautiful the place is. After a hot shower in our hotel and "fresh clothes", the last joint evening was dominated by the eventful past days. Good food, a delicious drop ... and already the mountains do not look so powerful ... or even much bigger and higher .... depending on just ..!

Today starts with an excellent and rich breakfast, for the one accustomed early, ... for the other a bit later ... Katerfrühstück! And so the time pushes a little, the transfer back to Oberstdorf is ready for departure. The trip takes you back through the Reschen Pass back to Allgäu. Arriving at the inn, we take time for a coffee, a small meal .. and for a little surprise before going home on the way to the obligatory last group photo.

-End of the travel-

How about a time of wellness?

But why not really extend a few days and relax in the beautiful Allgäu still a little! Or maybe stay a few days longer in Merano and enjoy the picture book landscape and the hospitality of South Tyrol and be spoiled! We would like to offer you an individual stay. We would have some ideas ...! (Offers optional extra)


Included in the price:

  • Hiking trip for small group
  • 8 days / 7 nights including 6 overnight stays in a guest house / hotel and 1 night on the hut in a multi-bed room / cabin camp
  • 4 x half board
  • 3 x bed / breakfast
  • All transfers, bus and train rides according to program
  • Qualified hiking guide
  • Travel Securing Certificate

The price does not include:

  • Arrival / departure from / to Oberstdorf to your home
  • Beverages and other meals not mentioned
  • Travel cancellation insurance / other insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Subject to availability on the day of booking and price increases

Extension stays:

(e.g. In Oberstdorf and / or Meran)

For recreation and preparation, the journey is already a few days in advance, e.g. Saturdays.

It is also possible to extend your stay in Meran for recreation and relaxation after the crossing of the Alps.

Please contact us for your personal stay. We would be pleased to make you an offer. (Extension stays are not part of the marked hiking trip)


Terms of Travel:

Price: 989,- € p.P. In ½ double room / storage space / multi-bed room

Advance payment: 20% p.P. Of the travel price at the time of booking, plus any insurance fees. Flight tickets are fully payable upon booking.

We ask you to pay the balance up to 30 days prior to arrival.

Subject to availability on the date of booking, currency fluctuations, hotel, flight and program changes.

Subject to errors and misprints.

The travel conditions of the organizer P.T.A. TOURS GmbH as well as the respective transport companies, which we would be happy to send you on request.

It may be e.g. To weather-related changes or cancellations during the tour. The decision of the hiking guide is authoritative and his instructions in this regard to be followed. This is for your protection and your safety!

A reimbursement of the travel price, even partial, is not possible in this case.

Price: October 2016

Number of participants: min.10 / max 12 persons

If the minimum number of participants is not met, we reserve the right to charge a small minor group fee.

Knowledgeable and requirements:

Healthy physical condition, good physical condition, steadiness and dizziness are absolutely essential for the trekking tour over the E5. Endurance for day stages between 6 and 8 hours and altitude differences up to 1,200m ascent and up to 1.800m (!) Descent. There are also rocky passages where the hands need to be taken to help. The backpack should not weigh more than 8-10 kg. The pure walking time is between 5 and 7 hours a day.

Climate: In the mountains, snow and cold temperatures can be expected even in summer. Gloves, warm clothing and raincoats must be placed in the hand luggage. Please note our equipment list, which we would be happy to send you on request.

Cancellation conditions:

  • Up to 90 days before departure: Amount of the deposit 
  • 90-31 days before departure: 30% of the travel price
  • 30-21 days before departure: 50% of the travel price
  • 20-14 days before departure: 65% of the travel price
  • 13- 1 day before departure: 90% of the travel price
  • On the day of departure: 100% of the travel price

Each per person