Tampere I Finland

Finland is worth going to see!

A unique and breathtaking travel destination.

With an impressive nature, with beautiful lakes, rivers, forests and mountains -.

Perfect for hiking!

Finland also has a rich culture, history, and traditions reflected in its cities, museums, and festivals. The country is known for its modern architecture, innovative technology, delicious cuisine, and famous Finnish saunas.

And...Finland is known for its friendly people and relaxed atmosphere, making it a welcoming and relaxing destination.

Welcome to Tampere!

The vibrant city in the heart of Finland! Tampere is an up-and-coming destination for travelers seeking culture, nature, and culinary delights.

Discover the breathtaking scenery while hiking along the Tammerkoski River or exploring the picturesque lakes and forests in the surrounding area. The city also offers a wealth of cultural experiences, including the Tampereen Teatteri, Finland's largest theater, and the Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, which specializes in social and political theater. Nearby is the famous Moomin Museum, which brings to life the stories of the beloved Finnish children's book characters.

When it comes to food and drink, Tampere is a culinary paradise. Try traditional Finnish dishes such as karjalanpiirakka, riisipuuro, and sauna-cooked salmon, or enjoy modern cuisine at one of the city's many restaurants.

Tampere is also a city that encourages innovation and creativity. The city is home to one of the largest start-up scenes in Finland, offering a variety of opportunities for businesses, research institutions and creative minds.

In Tampere, there are many opportunities to experience and explore the beautiful Finnish nature. The city is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes of lakes, rivers, forests and hills. Here you will find many hiking trails that will take you through the picturesque surroundings. Take a hike in Pyynikki Park, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city and Lake Pyhäjärvi. Or take a trip to Seitseminen National Park, where you can hike on well-maintained trails through pristine forests and discover crystal-clear lakes.

Let's look forward to a friendly coexistence in a unique nature.

Let's look forward to the 19th IVV - International Popular Sports Olympiad - and we are there!

"TAMPERE - we are looking forward to you!

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We'll experience fantastic landscapes, famous sights, impressive monuments and exciting cities.

Look forward to another fascinating travel experience.

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Combine with IML VAASAN MARSSI I August 8-10, 2025

Learn more about the host of the 19th IVV Olympiad 2025 ....! Tampere - a city in the south of Finland, located between the two lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. With a population of 241,009, Tampere is the largest city in the Pirkanmaa region and the third largest city in the country. ....